Road Safety In The Rain

Sometimes, it is easy to forget the basics of safe driving that you were taught when you were a learner.

There are close to one million car crashes in the United States due to wet driving conditions and these result in 4,700 fatalities, annually.

So, we put together these few reminders as to how to drive safely when the heavens open. Because, driving in the rain is a skill in itself and it is one that all drivers should master fully when they are out on the highways.


The first thing you should do before setting off on any car journey is to check the tires of your vehicle carefully.

What kind of state are they in? What do the treads look like? This is the part of the tire that grips to the road, so it is important they are in a good state.

The tire tread is incredibly vital, especially in bad weather like rain, so they need to be in a good condition.

Don’t forget to also check your tire pressure. This should be done at least once a month or maybe more often if you have any cause to worry.


Windshield wipers are naturally important in the rain. But make sure you check them regularly, even if you are not expecting to use them – you never know that the weather has in store.

Clean the windshield blades with some rubbing alcohol, carefully, taking the chance to give them a thorough inspection.

If there are any defects with the windshield, then it is time to replace them.

The last thing you want is them not working properly when the rain comes down!


The next thing you should get into the habit of doing regularly is to check your headlights, brake lights and tail lights. Make sure that all the signals work properly.

Try and do this on a regular basis, so that you know if there are any problems before you hit the bad weather!


This is pretty obvious stuff, but if it starts raining hard then remember to slow down on the road.

Try and remain five or ten miles below the speed limit, if the roads are wet. Also, remember your stopping distances need to be much longer and that you should allow for a few car lengths in between your vehicle and the other cars on the road.

Take care and slow down on the roads when it is wet and your chances of having an accident will significantly reduce!